my warning to all

i am writing this letter of warning in the hope that no one has to suffer as i have and as a point of refference so that in the future it cant be said i didnt try to warn anybody. all of the events that i will go on describe happened to me from 2000 to the presant day.

one day i got high on drink and drugs and tried to have sex with a dog. i didnt acctually do it as i was so wasted but that does not matter. what matters is that i tried to. i was young and at that point in my life obviously very mentaly fucked up. until a little while ago i would have liked some answers as to why i would do such a thing (but as you will read you dont get answers from the NHS).this lead to me being slowly destroyed over the past ten years or so in ways that are so bad and so hi-tec they dont even have laws for them yet. i know that during me life i have done bad things. i know that couple of the things i did crossed the line. and yea i agree i should have been punished but to a reasonable point where i could redeem my life. after all lets get things onto prospective i’m not a child killer. i didnt give everybodys money to the banks. i didnt poison childeren with depleated urainium ect. infact apart from a couple events i wasnt that bad a teenager/young man .yet i have been turned into a dead man walking for things i did when i was basicly an addalesant. this is the only thing they (the government/the network) could use to justifiy what they went on to do to me.

anyway not long after this i was making love to a woman when she damage one of my testicals (delibrately i now think).this left me impotant and really messed with my head as i was only 20 years old at the time. so i did what anybody would do and went to my doctor (thinking he/she would help me).at first they tryed to tell me that it could not have happened the way i said it did and that it would heal on its own. but after some months it was obvious that this was not the case. so i went back and asked them to have another look as things still were not right. i was basicly fobbed off once again (this went on for some time with excuse after excuse) but after a couple of years with out even a diagnosis it became clear that they did not want to help me. as you can imagine bing in your early 20s and having this problem then realising that the doctors did not want to heal you was a big worrie for me. in this distrote state i started to research the problem (erectile disfunction) as best i could but as you can probably tell from this letter im no academic and did not learn as much as i would have liked to , that said i learned enought to know that the people in my GP clinic were not telling me the truth so i tried to seek help from other doctors from out of my county. i lost count of how many different doctors i visited as a private patiant each time at a cost averageing £130. i even contacted a doctor in the usa. ALL of the doctors i asked for help refused. it basicly went like this (step1) i would contact a new doctor and to start with they would seem interested (step2) the doctor would tell me that they had to look at my medical records so they could properly assess my medical history (step3) after reciving my medical records there attitude would completely change. if they told me they would see me it was only so they could charge me for a private consultaion then they would say they could not help. i reallized that these doctors had no intention of helping me (on a couple of ocations i was made to feel so bad by these people that it almost pushed me to the edge of topping my self). in the mean time other aspects of my life were starting to suffer like the relationship with my friends and family they all knew that something was wrong but i was to embaressed to tell them which basicly created a rift between us which in some cases still lasts to this day. i also got into a really bad fight with a bloke called wombee (wombee if ever you read this then i’m truly sorry we should have never fort each other).in this fight i bit off one of wombees ears which left him needing months of hospital treatment. for this i went to prison for 7.5 months. this was where the second part of my education started as the prison doctor decided to tell the screws that i was a nonse for any body thats been to prison you can imagene the sort of problems that this caused. but in some ways it was worth it because again i saw how the system really worked and now knew that things contained in my clinical notes/patient history were to blame. this is why all the doctors i visited were fobbing me off (because it said to in my medical records). some time after leaving prison i requested my medical records using the freedom of information act after some deliberate confusion i got hold of some of them. even thuogh i knew they did not want to help me i still could not give so i reaserched some more where it became clear that the doctors could have fixed me with what is considerd nowadays to be a pretty standard operation plus at great expence i ordered an mri scan this took months as they tried to block me saying at first that i was not allowed then saying i needed a consultant to order it this was a total lie and when i told them that i knew they were lying they agreed to give me the scan what i did’nt know was that thay had turned the resolution down on the machine so the scans were useless and again wasted even more money(£900). this type of thing was happening to me at all levels of the NHS for example one morning i went to my gp and told him how that i was depressed to the point that i wanted to kill my self . he then priscribed me medication that is NOT supposed to be given to someone that is suicidel (now that could be a mistake i hear you say) but at the same time he also wrote in my clinical notes that i was “not suicidel”. this was to cover his back just in case i jumped under a bus. this all came to a head in 2008 i became so upset with the doctors when i found out that i could have been fixed all those years ago it drove me in to servire depression to the point i would wake up every morning and think of killing my self. (the couple of years of this mind set i was trapped in destoryed a part of me ,i realise now that i would never be right after this period of my life). anyway 2 members of my family started to seriously question how i was being treated they could see that a: the doctors were liying. and b: it was badly affecting my life on a day by day basis. by this time i had worked my way to a consultant uroligist called david ralph he was the top man in the university collage hospital london. unfortuneatly for him he could not use the excuse that the treatment needed was beyod his skill and anyway he could tell i knew what was going on (8years and still not even a diagnosis i must have been a running joke to my “health care proffesionals”).in the time that i saw david ralph i tryed everything i could to get him help me. i begged. i told him i’d do any thing he wanted. one time he basicly said “he was’nt allowed”(*) i asked him what i had to do to make it so he would be allowed to fix me. i asked him to tell me who was stopping my treatment he gave me the name of a woman who work in some administration department.after trying to contact her on many occations with no progress i want back to david ralph because after some research i found out that my clinishtion is the parson who decides wether you get the treatment you need or not. i told him enough was enough and he had to fix me now or i would kill us both(i was that despperet after 8 years i had tried everything and felt i had nothing to loose). he aggreed to fix me but on the day of the opperation after they gave me anathetic he and his team made a recording of me and made me confess to trying to have sex with the dog. he then removed a part of one of my testiculs called the epididemus(this is the part that brings all the other parts together and makes the testicul work. without it the testicule is useless) plus he injected something into the sprematic cord of my other testicul(maybe to steriliz me or to make my kids have some type of deseise).after they did this to me i wrote to the helth service ombusmon and other organizations telling them what was going on but this only made matters worse

what happened next was the third part of my education on how the system really works and it is the main reason for writing this letter. during this time i was being attacked on 3 fronts firstly

(1) i was living in edenbridge town around 2007/8 where i sustained constant harassment from some of the locals including both of my next door neibours (one off which was part of the government/the network). i lived in number 4. in number 2 lived a family that were not to my likeing as they were easaly perswaded and or duped into harassing me. stuff like throwing rubbish into my garden (things like broken mobile phones to dead birds to big peaces of plastic from the park across the street) and things like entering my house when i was not there and moving my posessions or looking to see what was on my computer and so on (this went on until i found out how they were getting in and super-glued the plastic bead around the window). but this was not the worst that i had to deal with while living in edenbridge because on the other side in number 6 lived a young couple he i belive was a police man and she stayed home. they would use devices that i later found out were “directed energy” weapons. the first device they would use was able to “see” through the walls. (i researched this device and found that 2 companys made them. they were designed to be used by speacial forces in anti-terrorism operations). the second device i belive could have been a modified microwave oven or maybe even a perpose built directed energy weapon. what would happen was they would use the first device to aim the second device at me. these people became over confidant and forgot that in those houses the walls were paper thin (and i mean you could hear pretty much every thing) sometimes i would hear what they were saying eg. describing where i was siting in the room and what i was doing ect. (when they could not see in because all of the curtains were drawn). this went on for over a month until i confronted the guy. after this they changed tackticks and attacked me while i slept in bed . this came to a head when one night i woken up screaming with pain as they directed the weapon at me. it was so powerfull it left a lump on the side of my head which took months to go down(and still has not fully gone). the next day i phoned the operator and asked for the telephone number of the home office (loudly so they could hear through the wall) and they stopped. make no mistake i belive that the home office are involved in the harrassment of people like my self.

(2) the national perobation service lied in court so i would be put in prison. the government/the network got some of the people from the commuity(i think these people did not realize what they were involved in) to harrass me to breaking point and one day i finally snapped i started an argument with a chap (i now belive this chap had nothing to do with my harrasment)  who lived about 4 houses down from mine. ( i was drunk and that night it all came out ) the poilce were called and i was arrested . i was bailed to return to court on charges of thretening behavior ( the argument ) and criminal damage ( kicking his garden gate ). they said i damaged his car but that was a lie i think the chap who i had the argument with knew that. the judges sentenced me to 18 month probation at the tunbridge wells probation office . i mainly saw 1 probation officer she maintained  her name was allison baker but i later found out that it could have been joe baker. in the time that i saw her she constantly tried to force confruntation and arguments with me she was rude and condasending. when i asked if i could have a different person as my probation officer i was always refused and she told me that “i didnt have a choise”. one time i brought in a dictaphone to record the oppointment and she went ape shit . in the end after about 3-4 months they just stopped giving me appointments when i phoned up to get an appointment i was told “your probation officer will contact with you”. after 1 month of this i gave up thinking that they didnt want to see me any more( how foolish was i ?). 2-3 months later i get a letter through the door from the court saying that i had failed to attend probation and that i had to go to court. at frist i was not worried because i knew i was telling the truth and so had nothing to fear (how foolish take 2) but then i started to realize that they were going to lie and that i had a fight on my hands. so i found a lawer some south american guy called orlando but on the day of court case they scared him off and he never showed up. when i explained to the judges that my lawer did not show up they posponed the caes for a month or 2 weeks ( i cant remember now ) anyway in this time i had to find a new lawer but what i didnt know was that the government /the network  had also stopped my leagle aid even though i was entitled to recive it . this is when i knew the shit was really going to hit the fan but i didnt give up all hope. i wrote a letter to the judges explaining that i had tried to make appointments to see probation i gave dates and times of telliphone calls and i asked the judges to take my mobile phone and sapina my phone records so once and for all they could see i was telling the truth (how foolish take 3). they were not interested in the truth one bit as they flatly refussed. the prossacution lawer could not belive what was going on and seemed as shocked as i was. that was the day i learned just how far reaching the powers of the government/the network are. fucking with my life was just a game for them.. 4 probation officers (one that i had never even seen befor) all stood up and lied under oath in severnoaks magastraghts court. on the day of sentenceing one of the magastraghts just sat there with his head in his hands because he knew they were sending an inocent man to jail  (i guess when he took the job he didnt think he would be involved in something like this). they made me go to prison for 30 days . i know 30 days is nothing but when you know that you shouldnt be there it really messes with your head to say the least.

(3) about 3 days after i sent a letter to the health service ombudsmon i was sprayed and zapped with the nanites. the nanites are microscopic machines that are so small they are built atom by atom . once a victim is selected he is “sprayed”  with them ( i was sprayed in the face ) then he is left for approximatly one month so the nanites can work there way to the nerveous system . i belive they use the bodys own electical charge and/or the heat from the victims body as a source of power . once the nanites are in possition operatives of the government/”the network” then begin the process of “zapping” the victim with devices that look like mobile phones (may even be standard phones that have been modified) this process goes on for approximatly 3 month ( for me it did anyway) . after that the government/the network can track you using the mobil phone and wifi networks(maybe this is why you can go to some shops and supermarkets and buy a brand new mobile phone for just a £10 and why you get “free” wireless router with your internet wether you want wireless or not) + they can know what your thinking (literally read your mind) you can not keep a secrect not because your not trust worthy but because the government/the network will know and will make it seem as though you can not be trusted.+ they steal your memoreys and mess with your dreams(these cawards will electronicly attack you in your sleep). this also works in the opposit direction as well they can send signals through the nanites to your nervous system and brain. i belive this second tecnology is not at such an advanced stage as the first because when they do it all they can seem to do is make parts of your body move like a stuck record player. this can still be very embaressing when your in a room full of people and all of a sudden they are looking at you and wondering why you seem to be “masterbating” ie one of your arms or leg is moving in a repetetive fassion like a stuck record player (as happened to me at a friends feuneral ) (people i had grown up with were looking at me with sheer horror on there faces )  this is one way i was split from some of my friends  and while were on the subject of friends and family the government/the network will try to segrogate the targetted individual from his support network as much as they can. using what ever they can to achive this i.e  starting bad rumoroes about you / making you look like a thife / ect ect . the most sceary thing about the nanites is what i think will happen if the government/the network decide to infect our women on mass i belive that the nanites will then infect the developing fetus while still in the womb and all future generations of childern will be born preinfected (at that point the human race will be lost). imagen if you knew what your enemy was thinking at the same time he was thinking it. he could never make plans against you. this is the power that the government/the network now have. i belive the government/the network must have ways of getting rid of the nanites as it would be foolish to relice something like this without a form of controle ( my unedutacted guess is high intentcity ultra sound at the right frequecey’s )

as a result of what the government/the network has done to me over the last ten years i have been left completely broken physicly/psycologicly/fiancealy amd socialy. with the problems that i already had plus the even bigger ones that they have given to me i now seem to be unable to connect with other poeple. i exist on the margins of society. the worst part is that i have never had a propper girl friend (propper girl friend = someone that you live with and have been with for atleast 2 years) . i dont blame any of the few girl friends ive had for running as six months of rubish sex is enough to put any woman off. maybe its different when your old eg 50+ but when your in your 20’s and theres a beautifull girl laid down in front of you expecting “something good” and you cant deliver it. it destorys you every time and from the first time it happens it only makes you feel worse. until in the end you dont bother trying to chat up a woman even though you want to. sometimes women think your gay (i have nothing against gay people) because you only ever talk to them even when they are making it clear that they like you. this is because i cant face the dissapointment or the embaresment. what i dont understand is what was the goal of doing this to me or anyone like me. this has not helped me or my family or my friends or any body else as far as i can see in hind sight its only made the situation worse to the point where things are irredeemable. at first i thought they were trying to teach me a lession than i thought they were trying to make an example of me now its obvious that im just entertainment for them it seems my life was destroied basicly for the entertainment of the people in the government/the network. im not saying that i dont share some of the blame im not saying that i didnt do bad things at least in the start of this hole mess anyway. my excuse it that i was only 20 years old with mental health problems + i had  completely lost my way in life. the vast majority of the poeple that functioned for the government/the network were middle aged with professional jobs and/or positions of power and responceability. the very people that were supposed to get a young man in my position back on the stright and narrow were infact the ones that went out of there way to fuck me up (NEVER TRUST YOUR DOCTOR OR ANY STATE OFFICIAL).

i know that i will not be belived for many years to come so if anybody does’nt belive any part of what i have stated they can check it out for them selfs. (I hearby give ANY body and EVERY body on earth premission to access ANY data reguarding my self.) no matter who holds this data and no matter how its stored ANY body can access it. even my medical/ court/ criminal/ probation and prison records Any body who feels they want to can access the lot. that is how open i have to be because any shameful or embaressing information that might be in those records only protects the government/the network. if my embaressment means that people get to find out the truth then so be it as my life is already fucked anyway. if it turned out that i was one of the last people to get sprayed and zapped then my life would not have been for nothing. my info= name gary granato NHS number 4385252181

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